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Dec. 13th, 2008


(no subject)

It's been too long, livejournal.
I will revisit you, never fear.

Aug. 13th, 2007




Tenth Doctor/Rose Fanvid

Song: "If We Cannot See" by Devics.
Featuring: Just  Series Two Ten and Rose.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC, as do the clips. I (sadly) do not own David Tennant or Billie Piper. Neither do I own "If We Cannot See", which belongs to Devics. I am just a fan showing appreciation :)
About: It's the ups and downs - but essentially showing that they still love each other, whatever happens. Starts off black and white, and somewhat downsy, but doesn't  continue that way. I found this really hard to do - I've only ever done fanvids to fast, short music, and this is longer in tempo and length so was a bit of a pain. I'd really appreciate any sort of feedback.


you were born with a heart that can never be filled
and a head like snow that can never be still
there are streets paved in gold that shine so bright
and everything you want, you can't have
but you force yourself to look away
if you can't find me then you can't find love
if you close your eyes then you will finally see
that you're already here with me


HQ Version, 320x240, 25.7mb, .mov format
On Senduit: hxxp://senduit.com/fe0a6b
On Mediafire: hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?3nu2snmxvvv
Super HQ Version, 640x480, 293.8mb, .mov format
On MegaUpload: hxxp://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZFI43BA7
On Sendspace:hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/dw3f11

Apr. 9th, 2007


Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover.


It made my Saturday night better than everyone else's put together.

Apr. 6th, 2007


(no subject)

I really feel like doing a project.

Okay, so I know I should be concentrating on my crazy revision schedule (which now starts on Monday, and doesn't stop until June 18th) as well as the two outfits I'm making for Interfashional (one of which only exists on paper, and the other consisting of lots of cut out shapes of material pinned and laid out on my bed.. with two weeks to go? Craaap..) but I need to DO something productive. I'm itching for it. Aside from that is the reason that I'm really not excited about this stupid fashion show, it's just becoming a bit of a pain rather than something fun  to do. But I suppose that it's for charity, so... yeah. Buy tickets, everyone, though. I think there are more details on the myspace. I know a tenner seems like quite a bit to our stretched pockets, but as I said, it's for charity and it'll be more fun if everyone's there, right?

Today is Good Friday = hot cross buns, please! And "meditation by the cross" in a couple of hours, but I really dislike it as I get nothing out of meditation. Noise allows me to be far more reflective, silence just depresses me. Fine, I get that it's hardly supposed to be a happy time, but it doesn't allow me to feel anything.


I need new music. I'm quite bored of everything I hear at the moment and I keep searching but only by chance do I find something exciting. Comment me?

£276/£999 for the MacBook I want. "Only"  £724 to go. And I keep having to spend the money on something or other. I really shouldn't have bought that One Tree Hill boxset, even though it has made for some fantastic television viewing. I'm also getting rid of a lot of stuff. I've got some earrings and jewelry, and possibly some clothes that I'll let Hannah &c. know about as she was annoyed with me for giving stuff to the charity shop instead of to her, hehe ;)

This is the first month in two years when I haven't immediately bought TeenVogue. Miracle?

I'm getting quite excited about planning my Harry Potter 16th party, though, haha. However, it will probably have to be at the end of August, as I have work experience up until the HP release and I don't want to do it that weekend as some people will have finished reading it and some won't, so I don't want to spoil it for anyone. End of August is probably safest, as I've got about forty people I want to invite, and that's just at the moment.

A month and a half until Mexico. Yay :D

But then again, it's about the same length until my first GCSE, so not so much of a yay.

Mar. 26th, 2007


this is for lovers running away.

I can't remember feeling so.. happy in a very very long time. All of a sudden everything seems to be slipping into place to the extent that I'm almost holding my breath, waiting for something to go wrong. It just feels far too right.

Wary thoughts aside, today was lovely. I was awoken horrendously early by my sister's cat and then scooted to school as I won't be able to on Wednesday 'cause of the cake bringing in for Annie's birthday. Lessons dragged, as they often do, but I spent lunchtime a bit in the form room, a bit with the Fs and generally just bouncing around, things going right. Maths went on forever, but I don't even care anymore, as I have nothing left to officially learn and I'm at peace knowing I won't understand it. It's a week exactly until my revision period begins and I plan to enjoy this last precious week. English was also dull as we did PreRelease, but when I left school, on  time (what an actual miracle?) I got on the bus with the old 65 crew and chatted with them whilst they admired my micro scooter.

I happily ambled to the Post Office in Richmond where I sent a very important package to California, haha, and then I scooted home in the sunshine where my mum had made lemonade and dinner. I also got a phone message telling me that the owner of the Lion and the Unicorn bookshop wanted to offer me work experience from April 2nd, which seems absolutely fine (although it annoyingly means I'll probably have to miss Jinny;s :( )  and then I collapsed in front of the TV and watched it.

Yet another reason to be cheerful? 117 days. I've never felt the blood rush through my body so ecstatically.

Also, I'm  getting pretty damn serious about organising this trip to California in 2009. Let me know if you want to come, I'm planning this thing down to every last detail (it's going to be for about a month in July-August 2009. Yum?) and it's just a lot of fun to plan. Who wants to go to fucking trashy Newquay when you've got the US of A, baby?

Happy days, everyone. Happy days.     
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Actually just remembered that CMM was in my dream last night?? Far better than the one with all the shooting that I had the night before :/

Mar. 24th, 2007


Aah, the everlasting smell of cupcakes.

I've added a sweet One Tree Hill Lucas/Peyton header to my profile page : http://white-guitar.livejournal.com/profile
HP graphics are generally quite poor, which is a shame.

Tomorrow should be fun. For reasons of my own personal security, I can't say why, but yeah, should be good.

Which makes this a rather useless post. I've cleared my bedroom up pretty much and stuck more stuff on the walls. But I'm also in the process of writing a pretty strict revision timetable, which is not so much fun, and commences April 2nd.

I don't like that we lose an hour tonight. I just want to stay up and finish the gazilliionth reread of Philip Pullman's Northen Lights (or, as they call it in the US of A, The Golden Compass.. which actually bugs me, as it's not a compass. It's a bit like the Sorcerer's Stone, which doesn't actually exist AND sounds stupid). The film adaptation looks like it's going to be great, though, with Nicole Kidman as Mrs Coulter, and Daniel Craig as Lord Asriel? Yay! Shall have to pay the filming a visit in Shepperton Studios when I go to Annie's party next week.

Speaking of which, what springs to mind when I tell you I'm going to dress up as the Queen of Hearts? Suggestions please. For one, I need 12 hearts all over my dress and a crown (which I will nick from Burger King and adapt :D)

Mar. 23rd, 2007


RIP Theatre Studies.

I am so so so genuinely sad.
No seriously.

I am so sad that I started to cry when I was on my way home and had to buy myself a big doughnut, a can of coke and the newest Harry Potter chess magazine to cheer myself up.

Basically, my A Level options for Theatre Studies clashes with Spanish, and I have to take Spanish just 'cause, meaning that I had to drop Theatre Studies. When I took up Drama two years ago, I knew I'd enjoy it but I didn't realise that I'd fall in love with the stupid subject. Besides, I've made such brilliant friends in that class, and improved my acting and writing alike about twentythousandfold (although this is probably not obvious, judging from my rambles, but shh).

I guess it had to end sometime, though.
Anyhow, I'm taking Geography and was wondering who else was taking it and whether people who take it currently for GCSE were told anything else about the course and how hard it is for people who haven't done it for GCSE?

I have my sister's notes, and Ms Davies said I'd be absolutely fine, but I'm still worried about it. Theatre Studies is a subject I know I'd be good at,  but now I'm a little shaken up.


Thank goodness for the weekend, I'm sleepy and my room needs a serious clean out before revision season kicks in. Reminding  me that I need to start revising and make a proper timetable. And get Annie's birthday present sorted. And read a lot. And and and.

Have a good weekend all.
DON'T FORGET: Dan Radcliffe is on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross tonightios. Because you seriously care. xx
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Mar. 14th, 2007



Okay, rage has officially hit me. I think the only time it was stronger, it was the weekday after Ali B's party when I wanted to throw Jasmine out the DAMN WINDOW. (Wow, I still feel angry from that? I still get into rage mode).

Fair enough, it was worse yesterday, but everything that goes a little (or a lot) wrong, just drives me up the wall.
Firstly that I was told that we could afford to go to Mexico to visit my mum's family, which I was so excited about you can't believe, because I'm in love with that country and I really just need to see some of my cousins and aunts and uncles and my grandfather, etc. But then, after getting me all excited in the morning, I get home and get told that nah, let's send Antonia (biggest sister, 24 years of age) to Mexico to pick up a few select relatives and bring them back.

And I had to smile and nod and so on, a) because I can be a fantastic hider of emotion when I want to and b) because the night before my mother had told me I was arrogant and selfish and rude. (I did think, however, this would provide explanation for the kind of guys (not stars) I fall in love with, haha)

Anyway, yesterday I scooted faster than physically possible, and I just wanted to have a nice go on my own, but Tillie came along and AGAGH.
And yesterday, my arse was fondled by the LINGERER, AGHAGA
And I have so much to do.
And I don't understand anything about Maths.
And I can't write at the moment.
And I want to go to Mexico.
And I want to go to Ella's party instead of to Paris.
And I have two dresses to make.

Just; I need a little break from it all.

Mar. 6th, 2007


You know what?

I'm actually beginning to really like Freema Agyeman, even though I've yet to see her as Martha. Hmm.

Other than that, I just found out that my neighbour (who's about eighteen/nineteen?) had meningitis and almost died the other day. Isn't that a mood killer? Either that or the rotten cherry on top of a generally crappy day. Luckily he's alright (even the doctors thought he was going to die), but on a ventilator and stuff. That was scary, though.

I want to stay at home more often than ever now, it's a pain dragging myself to school. I've got to get my braces tightened in the afternoon too. Whoopdeedoo, thank you Mr McNulty.

This is going to be a boring post purely because David Tennant looks good in my icon and definitely makes the post.
However, he looks even better here. Seriously, such a shame about the 20 year age difference. Grr.

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